Cartoon Commentary Day

I’ve been storing up some cartoons over the past week that I haven’t had the time to use in this blog, so I’ve decided to let the cartoons carry the commentary today.

Obama has been doing some backyard gatherings with voters. How have those gone?


He’s also been trying to fire up his base. He told one crowd that it took a while to end slavery, so they needed to persevere in . . . now just what was that analogy supposed to be? It wasn’t real clear. Maybe this cartoonist caught it best:

That seems to fit the reality better.

The president seems to be losing a good number of his economic advisors, among others. So what will they do now?

That should send a chill up anyone’s spine.

Meanwhile, the polls continue to show that the Democrats’ power may be stripped from them in November. Some take this news harder than others:

The word “liberal” has lost a lot of its appeal lately:

But thank goodness there’s no hypocrisy at work here.