Ordinary Americans Making an Impact

Last night, I spoke at the Winter Haven, Florida, 9-12 Project meeting. There had to be a hundred or more in attendance. My topic was “Progressivism in America: Destroying the Foundations.” One could not ask for a more attentive audience as I detailed how the progressive movement derailed the Constitution and the principles of America’s founding.

I am impressed by the two 9-12 Project organizations with which I have made contact. They are comprised of just ordinary citizens who seek to know more about what has gone wrong with their country. They have an intense interest in constitutionalism and the rule of law. Like their Tea Party counterparts [and there is considerable crossover], they are looking to make a difference in the upcoming elections.

The people I spoke to last night certainly don’t seem to be casual listeners; they are active learners. If they stay focused, their impact can be great.

This meeting was held in a church, and it was obvious that most were motivated by their Christian faith. And that’s the way it should be—our faith should have application to all aspects of our culture. Government is not exempt.

We need to do two thing simultaneously: pray for those who currently hold government positions, and work hard to replace those who subvert the rule of law in our land.