Polls, the Presidency, and Prayer

I’ve always been critical of polls. Yet we are a poll-driven society now; there’s no escaping them. There are many polling agencies, and it seems that election season puts them into overdrive.

Yes, I know they have value, and they can point to trends. Just like anyone else, I rejoice when a poll shows my views or candidates looking strong. I also take comfort in polls that reveal weakness on the other side of the political/cultural divide.

For instance, President Obama’s job approval numbers continue to drop. Is this a trend that will continue, or will he rebound in the public eye? As long as he keeps living in his fantasy world, I doubt the latter will occur.

He’s particularly vulnerable, of course, on the economy. Yet confidence in his leadership is shaky across the board as we head into the November elections. How can we tell? It becomes pretty obvious:

It’s far too early to conclude he will be a one-term president.

Much as I would like his presidency to be limited to one term, the political winds are fickle. I wish I had more assurance that enough voters are being educated in basic Biblical principles of government rather than simply reacting angrily to the current state of affairs. I do believe there has been an upswing in understanding principles, but are those people in the majority yet?

When I say pray for these elections and the future of this nation, that’s not just a pious phrase without real meaning. Our faithfulness in prayer could be the difference.