The Leftist Economic Mindset

In a townhall Obama held the other day, he made a strong statement when he said he would not allow the tax cuts for the “rich” to be extended. The mantra from the Left is always “We can’t afford to give tax cuts.” Think about this mindset for a moment.

What it indicates is that the Left side of the political spectrum believes that your money really isn’t yours. They consider it all to be the government’s, and they can then decide how much to distribute to you. This is a fundamental disagreement with the concept that what you earn belongs to you.

And of course the idea that the “rich” shouldn’t benefit reveals an antagonism toward those who succeed.

Obama also made fun of the free market, declaring that giving people back their money will not magically make things better. Well, I agree to a point: there is no magic involved; it’s simply an understanding of how economics works. When people get to keep more of what they earn, they can use it in creative ways, some investing, others developing new ideas and products, others again setting up scholarship funds for those in need, etc.

There are numerous historical precedents to show that freeing up money—removing it from the grasp of the government and letting individuals use it instead—leads to prosperity. There are also numerous historical precedents to show that the Obama approach never has worked. But then I’m not really expecting him to learn from his mistakes.

We rarely learn from history, but I’m going to continue teaching it regardless.

I’ve also mentioned in previous posts that this administration seems to be living in a fantasy world of sorts:

Here’s the reality:

The hope is that the people of the country will learn from what has occurred these past few years and change course this November. Our future really is at stake.