The Source of Rights

The White House may be about to go on a rampage against the Tea Party movement. No less a progressive authority than the New York Times says that Obama’s political advisers are considering painting the Republican Party as having been taken over by Tea Party extremists.

Frankly, I don’t believe they know what to think about what has transpired. The massive movement away from their progressive philosophy has taken them by surprise. Now the only weapon they have, at least in their estimation, is to attack middle America with the “extremist” label.

I have a feeling that if Obama and his advisers had lived 234 years ago, they would have seen this group as a threat:

The document this “radical” group is presenting to the Continental Congress’s president John Hancock in this picture is the Declaration of Independence. President Obama just happened to mention that famous document in a recent speech.

Addressing the Hispanic Caucus, the president reminded the attendees that they were endowed with certain rights. The only problem is that he omitted the source of those rights. Some are saying he simply forgot. Look at this picture carefully—his ever-present teleprompters are in place. All of his words were carefully chosen. He didn’t forget. The truth, as I see it, is that he is reluctant to acknowledge that real rights don’t come from the government. They stem from a higher authority. Why did you leave out the Creator, Mr. President? Does He not fit the paradigm?

Democrats are feeling a little shellshocked at the moment. They don’t understand what went wrong. Blindness of this nature has its roots in spiritual blindness.