O'Donnell & the Tea Party: Getting Republicans' Attention

A new heroine has emerged from the Tea Party movement, and her emergence has establishment Republicans in shock.

Christine O’Donnell was not supposed to win the Delaware Republican primary for the open Senate seat. It was foreordained that “moderate” Mike Castle was the heir apparent. Castle’s “moderate” positions included voting against the pro-life cause and for the bailouts and stimulus packages. Yet O’Donnell stunned everyone with a classic come-from-behind victory that most politicians never experience.

Her path to victory in the general election will be steep, but she’s used to that. It’s obvious that her primary win was in part fueled by endorsements from Sarah Palin and Sen. Jim DeMint. Just as significant as the win itself was the enthusiasm of voters in the Republican primary. The numbers who voted were far beyond anything in Delaware history. Could that be a harbinger of success in November?

There are some Republicans who are going to have to come to grips with the activists who populate the Tea Party. You would think they would welcome them. Will they catch on to the bonanza they’ve been handed or retrench and turn back to their old ways?

I’m hoping they will finally realize what a gift they have received. Of course, for those who try to sail through politics without firm convictions, the presence of the Tea Partiers is a personal threat.

Republicans in Name Only [RINOs] are in trouble. A massive turnaround in the membership of Congress is possible—to an extent never seen before. There are indications; polls are one indicator. Another might be how Democrats are framing their reelection bids:

This potentially could be one of the most fascinating Novembers ever.