The Only Real Hope

I was surprised, but gratified, by the commemorations of 9/11 that took place on Saturday. They were dignified, and lacking antagonism despite the ongoing attempt to place a mosque near the Ground Zero site.

For me, the ceremonies were an indication that our collective memory has not yet been erased. There are some things that a nation should never forget. The real question, though, is whether we will learn the right lessons from such events.

Unfortunately, there will be some who will believe what this fictional professor has declared. If only all such people were truly fictional.

The Christian response is twofold: first, keep up a guard against the real enemies who do exist—Islamic extremists—and root them out; second, continue to reach out to those trapped in a worldview that leads to hatred. The Christian message of recognition of sin and the offer of forgiveness through the atonement of Jesus remains the only hope for genuine reconciliation.