Awakened from a Stupor?

President Obama had a clear plan when he took office. It wasn’t difficult to decipher the plan, at least not for those who actually knew his previous record as the most “progressive” senator in Congress. Yet he was able to fool enough people enough of the time to get elected. That’s because most people didn’t realize the plan was the following:

Simple, right? Many were shocked by the radicalism and/or the redistribution. The path to reelection, though, has been cluttered with failure:

I’ve commented before that Obama seems to be living in a fantasy world. As the economy continues to plummet, he declares that we are going the right direction. Now he’s pushing for a new $50 billion stimulus [so-called]. It’s supposed to take care of the nation’s infrastructure [which is what the previous $862 billion was created to do]. He also promised this week that it would immediately lead to so many new jobs we would spring back into robust economic life. I seem to remember that same promise with the $862 billion. A spokesman for his administration had to admit the new money would be spread out over six years.

That calls for a new definition of “immediate.”

While accusing Republicans of having no new ideas and just reverting to the “failed policies of the past,” what is the president doing but reverting to his own failed policies?

That’s pretty bad aim.

With the November elections coming at him and fellow Democrats like a tidal wave that will sweep them away, Obama has decided to offer a few trinkets to small businesses. Yet whatever “tax breaks” he proposes are largely illusory, and most definitely temporary.

Will those who were fooled in 2008 be fooled again this time around? If they are, we will deserve the misery we will get. Yet I am more hopeful. Many have awakened from their stupor. The real question is whether there will be enough awakened voters to reverse course. This election is very crucial to the future of our country.