Words Without Meaning

President Obama has announced that the Iraq War has ended. I hope he’s right, but I can’t say I have much confidence in his ability to discern such things. He did call former president Bush before making his televised speech. That was nice. He even commented that though he disagreed with the former president on the war that Bush was a genuine American who cared for the country and the troops. At least he refrained this time from the blame game. I was concerned the speech might go something like this instead:

Even though he kept himself from blaming Bush publicly this time, he did still take credit for bringing the troops home, neglecting to mention that it was the Bush plan for removing the troops that he was following. He also neglected to mention something else:

Now it’s time to put all this behind us. We’re supposed to focus on other things now, not that really expensive war:

The numbers tell the true story. Was the war expensive? Absolutely. Is it to blame for our current economic mess? Absolutely not. Obama and the congressional Democrats have figured out how to dwarf war spending many times over. Wasting $862 billion in one year is a new record. And look what it has accomplished:

But we’re supposed to believe the economy is heading in the right direction:

Words have lost their real meaning.