The Economy Drags On

The disconnect continues. As the economy gets demonstrably worse over time, the Obama administration tells us it’s getting better. Up is down, vertical is horizontal, wrong is right . . . and you need to believe them. By now, even the most non-analytical among the electorate should be noticing something. One would hope.

If Obama keeps on saying things that strain credulity, the reaction is going to be the opposite of what he wants:

He goes back and forth, actually. One day he’ll talk about how things are getting better, then when that doesn’t resonate, he’ll return to what he does best—blame Bush. But that can go only so far before people start noticing his “solution”:

This past week, the administration sent Joe Biden out to make happy talk while the president was vacationing in Florida Martha’s Vineyard. The vice president was particularly sunny in his economic forecast:

You know things are really bad when the message becomes:

Meanwhile, back at Martha’s Vineyard: