Fantasy World

One concern I heard expressed a few months ago was that Republicans had to be careful in talking about the bad economy and basing their election chances on it staying bad. I agree that a political party’s message cannot be entirely negative. If you want to hold office, you need to present a positive agenda.

The concern, though, appears to be unfounded for this year. In the short span before November 2nd, there is little hope that the economy is going to look much better. The policies that President Obama and the Democrat majority in Congress have put in place are doing exactly what they are designed to do—prolong the recession and stifle productivity. I don’t mean by that comment to insinuate that Obama wants things to stay bad; I just mean that his socialistic vision always leads to one destination—economic ruin.

I don’t expect things to get better under the current administration if the Congress doesn’t change hands. Some have speculated that Obama won’t mind a Republican-controlled Congress because it will give him somebody to blame. Well, he already has that technique down cold:

Some commentators—and not just those on the political Right—are predicting a doomsday for Democrats in the upcoming elections. They say the Democrat leadership will be stunned by the magnitude of the outcome and won’t be able to grasp why this has occurred.

Many politicians live in a fantasy world, it seems. The older I get, the more obvious that has become to me. I used to believe they knew what they were doing; now I know they’re just human beings, and the ones with massive egos have little connection to reality. Yet they continue to impose their “vision” on the rest of us.

American voters have only themselves to blame. They’re the ones who anointed these people and put them into office. They can reverse that mistake in 70 days. I just pray they will. I promise to do my part.