Mosque Matters

Did you hear that the Associated Press has made a point of not referring to the proposed mosque near the WTC site as the “Ground Zero Mosque”? Rather, it is simply to be called the New York City Mosque. Kind of takes the bite out of it, doesn’t it? I think that’s the goal. By disconnecting it from the act of war that occurred on 9/11, the intent may be to make it a rather innocuous building. It is anything but innocuous.

President Obama of course supports the building of the mosque. It would be nice, though, if he were more consistent with that policy:

He says they have the right to build anywhere they wish since America is a land of religious liberty. Well, I agree with the last part of that statement, but the first part can be questioned. What will it take to make the president question it?

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is up in arms against those who oppose the mosque. She has even called for an investigation into the funding of the opposition. In her view, there must be something pernicious afoot—a conspiracy perhaps.

Well, if it is a conspiracy, her compatriot Harry Reid is in on it. He also has come out in opposition to its being built. I wonder when she’s going to start her investigation of the Senate Majority Leader. That would be fascinating to follow. Don’t expect it anytime soon.

The key proponent for this mosque is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. His organization has not said where the funding will come from but hasn’t ruled out accepting financial support from such liberty-loving moderates as the Iranian government. He pushes this project as an avenue of healing. Right now, it doesn’t seem to be bringing much healing at all. Could anything have been better orchestrated to cause a societal upheaval? What attitude could be behind this?

The Ground Zero Mosque is an in-your-face symbol of radical Islam’s “victory” on 9/11. It is an edifice devoted to triumphalism. Although only symbolic, symbols have significance. This symbol must not be erected.