Put Race Behind Us

Do I really want to write about racism again? Not really. But the accusations continue to spread. The latest people accused of racism are those on the House Ethics Panel. Why? Well, they have investigated Charlie Rangel [see an earlier post] and now Rep. Maxine Waters.

The charges against Waters are significant. She’s accused of trying to get TARP funds for a bank connected with her husband. He owns considerable stock in it; she would have benefited greatly financially if that had happened.

This latest accusation, though, has raised the ire of the Congressional Black Caucus. Because the latest two House members investigated have been black, they say there must be racism involved. One has to be wearing blinders to see things that way. What about all the white House members who have been investigated, all the way from former Republican leader Tom Delay to the lately departed but not mourned Eric Massa, New York Democrat? In fact, there are about thirty investigations currently being pursued. Are they really targeting black congressmen above all others?

This is really getting old. There’s a stark difference between those who are real victims and those who use the victimization tactic to avoid personal responsibility.

I believe race relations have worsened under Obama. The fine art of racial grievance has been taken to a new level. Anyone who opposes his policies is fair game to be labeled a racist.

Did you catch the asterisk? Both Farrakhan and Wright have spoken at NAACP conventions. Who’s accusing whom of racism? Yet those falsely accused continue to handle the accusations with dignity.

Knowing man’s sinfulness, I don’t expect hypocrisy to cease. However, I still have some hope that pointing out the hypocrisy on a regular basis will eventually cause some of the accusers to retreat, if only for fear of being marginalized.

I’ve said it before and will continue to do so: it’s time to put race behind us. God doesn’t view people as members of separate races. He sees us all as part of one race called “human.” The sooner the majority of citizens put that into practice, the better off we’ll be as a nation.