Immigration Logic & Presidential Priorities

So, predictably, a judge appointed by Bill Clinton has struck down the key part of Arizona’s illegal immigration bill. Law enforcement officers cannot, under her decision, ask for residency status when someone is questioned for another crime. This type of logic is being used by nearly everyone on the open borders side of this issue:

Interestingly, even though the judge ruled as she did, and the law cannot currently go into effect [an appeal by Arizona has been filed], protests yesterday filled the streets, resulting in dozens of arrests. Peaceful citizens residents? Does anyone recall anybody being arrested at a Tea Party rally? Of course not.

The hypocrisy of the movement is symbolized by the president of Mexico:

Yes, that would be tragic, right?

Meanwhile, most Americans approve of what Arizona has done, which is a problem for the president:

It could have political ramifications for him:

So, with this problem boiling over and other issues on his plate, what does our president decide is the most significant thing he can do?

Well, you know, the polls show that women are souring on his presidency. He has to take care of that, doesn’t he? What could possibly be more important?