Polls, the Economy, & the Rule of Law

No matter which polling firm one follows, there is a trend reflected in all the polls: President Obama’s approval numbers are falling. Naturally, this has become a central concern for the administration.

Well, since the administration is perplexed about this drop, let’s examine possible reasons for it. The jobs situation obviously comes to the forefront. While Obama and Biden tout success, the rest of the country doesn’t share that optimism. Jobs grow in the government, but not where they should be growing.

While a little overstated, it is becoming apparent that if this administration had its way, the private sector would be swallowed whole by the public sector. The much-touted “Summer of Recovery” has been a bust.

The strategy being used by the administration now is to paint Republicans as cold, hard-hearted individuals who enjoy seeing citizens suffer. This is currently the mantra in the discussion of extending unemployment benefits. Republicans agree with extending them, but not as a further descent into debt. They want these benefits either to come out of the unused “stimulus” money or from cutting waste elsewhere. That’s not what you would know, however, if you listen to the president.

People are beginning to catch on to how these benefits are paid.

Yes, our compassionate government gets its money from us.

Another reason for those dwindling poll numbers might be the illegal immigration debacle: lack of enforcement of current law and going after Arizona in court for wanting to make sure the law is carried out. It’s almost as if Obama is saying:

All of these factors have led to a groundswell of criticism and demands for following the Constitution and the rule of law. This disturbs many in the president’s circle. To what may this lead?

If it ever does come to that, we’ll know the rule of law is dead.