Day: July 17, 2010

Reagan's Political Conversion

What happened to change Ronald Reagan from a New Deal liberal into a conservative icon? My latest posting on Big Government tells you how it happened. They made it the feature story for the day. You can find it here: Most of the posting is an excerpt from my book on Reagan and Whittaker Chambers, which I just finished writing  recently. I’m looking for a publisher now. Prayer would be appreciated.

The Wisdom of Mallard Fillmore

I’m not really a lazy person. Anyone who keeps up a daily blog while writing a book must have some work ethic, right? But there are those days when I like to let others do the commenting for me. One comic strip, in particular, does a fine job of that. For instance, are you interested in education policy and the state of education in America? Go no further. Believe it or not, some “students” have a plan pretty similar to… Read more »