The Real Victim of Racism

So the NAACP has voted to condemn the Tea Party for its racism? Where did they find that racism? Some will point to the infamous “walk” by Democratic leaders from their House office building to the Capitol when some of them claimed to hear racist remarks from the crowd—remarks that no one else heard, that were never picked up by any microphone or in any video.

When you want to believe something, you just will, regardless of the facts.

Deroy Murdock, a black commentator who has participated in Tea Party rallies, had this to say in National Review yesterday:

The NAACP today is expected to adopt a resolution denouncing the alleged “racism” of the tea-party movement. Presumably this is the same tea party that has expressed its “bigotry” by repeatedly showcasing black conservative and libertarian speakers at its rallies, including, among others, yours truly, Deneen Borelli, Niger Innis, Mychal Massie, Kevin Martin, Bob Parks, and David Webb (who leads New York’s tea party). The tea-party movement focuses on cutting taxes, spending, and government debt. Promoting fiscal responsibility is neither black nor white. It’s green.

Rather than peddling lies, the NAACP should deploy such credibility as it may possess to denounce the New Black Panther Party. The NBPP is as loud, vocal, and unvarnished a pack of racists as exists in this country.

It’s not just the NAACP that is ignoring the New Black Panther Party. The media, as I’ve noted previously, seems to be missing this story as well—you know, the one where one of the leaders tells people to kill “crackers” and their babies.

There is one very distinguished victim in this whole affair:

Will we ever see the return of real justice while this administration remains in office?

Based on the evidence, it’s not looking hopeful. Christians, though, see beyond what is currently happening and work and pray for true change. There is always hope if there are faithful people who still believe in a God of justice and the bedrock constitutionalism of the rule of law. It’s not time for despair; it’s time to get to work.