The Silence of the Media

I thought summer was supposed to be a slow news time. Not with this administration. I’m beginning to think that bloggers will never run out of material with these people in charge.

Take the NASA administrator Charles Bolden, for example. In an interview with Al Jazeera, Bolden told a startled world that when Obama took office, he gave NASA a new task—to help develop better relations with the Muslim world. Uh huh … and what does this have to do with space? He also said that he sought to help Muslims “feel good” about their contributions to science. So now NASA is a promoter of pop psychology?

This might be even more amusing except for the fact that only Fox News seems to be talking about it. If you rely on the other networks, you won’t hear about this lunacy [lunacy … lunar … I guess that fits].

Then there was the appointment of Donald Berwick to run Medicare and Medicaid. First of all, Obama made this appointment as a special “recess appointment” since Congress is now out of town. This allowed Berwick to avoid going through congressional scrutiny to get the job. And scrutiny is what he would have received.

You see, Berwick is a convinced socialist [that sounds rather redundant in this administration] who believes wealth must be redistributed from the wealthy to fund healthcare. He said he loves the British healthcare system and wishes the United States would have gone the same direction. He favors the idea of the government making decisions on who should receive care. In case you’re not sure, that means healthcare rationing.

Of course, this story is on all the news outlets … oh, wait a minute. No, it’s not there. You might say the NASA news and the Berwick appointment are alike in one way: the mainstream media doesn’t consider either story to be a story worth covering.

That’s almost as alarming as the stories themselves. At least in America there are still alternative news sources. As long as we don’t go the Venezuela route, hope remains. My hope is in change this November.