These Two Issues Again?

The Arizona illegal immigration controversy and the oil spill continue to dominate the news. That’s enough to make me want to write about something completely different. Well, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got some great cartoons to fill the space today—on those two issues.

We’re on the verge of the federal government suing Arizona. How ironic. There’s Arizona on the front lines of tackling the illegal immigration problem, and what does the federal government do? This is a pretty good illustration of what’s happening:

Then, on top of that, we get the news that Mexico’s government is joining the lawsuit:

The upside to that bit of legal chicanery is that Mexico’s involvement will probably make the Arizona law even more popular with American citizens.

Meanwhile, in the neverending Gulf incident, the panel of experts that the Obama administration said supported the moratorium on oil drilling . . . well, not quite:

Those who live by the experts shall die by the experts.

Obama’s most avid supporters are getting disillusioned. They expected more from their savior:

Some disappointments are harder to take than others.

If Obama is able to use this oil spill disaster to push his green policy of cap-and-trade, we’ll be in for more disappointment:

Well, don’t worry. Our education system certainly will save us. We’re undoubtedly raising a generation of highly informed and responsible adults who will turn things around, right? Right?

Weep for a while, then pray for wisdom and strength to continue your engagement in the ongoing battle for America’s soul.