The Incredible Shrinking President

Watching President Obama these past few weeks, I must say I’m surprised by how ineffective he has become. Not that I mind. I’m one of those people who doesn’t want his plans to succeed. You see, if he succeeds, the nation doesn’t.

He used to have star power. Every Democrat wanted to be connected to him. Now it’s completely the opposite. His endorsement in primaries has turned into poison for the candidates. His attempts to bribe candidates he doesn’t want in the races have all the earmarks of true Chicago politics. As the trail comes back directly to him, he adopts a “Who, me?” persona.

More voters seem to be wising up as they assess his character and capabilities. Some are beginning to see through the rhetoric and understand what he’s really saying.

His attempt to communicate with the American people with his first Oval Office address earlier this week appears to have fallen flat. That’s not just my evaluation. Commentators on both the left and the right were critical of it, albeit for different reasons. The overall effect, though, was to diminish him even further in the eyes of the electorate.

He is taking on Jimmy Carter proportions—not where any president wants to be. While not all problems can and should be laid at the feet of whoever happens to be president, people will judge whether any president is responding adequately to the problems he faces. How is Obama measuring up?

Well, it’s too early to make that judgment, but unless he changes course, reverses his policies, and begins to acknowledge the limits of the government, both constitutionally and practically, he may soon deserve the title.