The Obama Plan

Last night, President Obama addressed the nation about the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf. He attempted to make everyone feel better about what the government is doing to handle the situation. Here’s basically what he proposed:

  1. In his desire to ensure that BP pay for the damages from the spill, he declared that the company would be forced to set aside a fund for compensating workers and business owners who have been hurt by this disaster. That sounds good. BP should take care of the mess it has made. However, does the government really have the authority to require this of BP? Obama then said BP would not control this fund, but that it would be administered by an independent third party. Again I must ask, where does the government get this authority? If you own a business and the government decides someday you should pay people for something it claims is hurting others, how would you feel about the government forcing you to set aside money and then see it administered by a separate agency over which you have no control? In our desire to see BP pay, we may be opening the door for the government to do this to anyone. That’s a problem.
  2. He talked about his oil drilling moratorium. He didn’t say how many jobs that will cost. He didn’t say why we are drilling so far out. Oh, wait a minute. Yes, he did. You see, there isn’t any oil closer to shore any more. It’s pretty much used up. Right.
  3. Obama once again blamed the Bush administration without mentioning the former president’s name. He talked about the decade of corruption in the Minerals Management Service and how it was now going to be administered properly. Well, he sort of overlooked the fact that the person in charge of the MMS who was fired recently was his own appointee. How convenient to forget that little piece of information. Again, this president never accepts responsibility for anything.
  4. Finally, as a good community organizer, he pushed for legislation that will put the government in charge of energy and climate issues. Never mind that such legislation will destroy jobs and stall the economy even more than it is now. And be sure not to mention the higher cost of energy for everyone. Of course, he tries to sell it as an effort to be free of the oil industry [you know, the evil people] and creating new sources of energy. It won’t work the way he says it will. Just be aware of that ahead of time. Fortunately, the chances of any legislation of that type getting through Congress right now are slim.

What else did he leave out? How about the fact that he didn’t suspend that old 1920 law that forbids any ships built in another country from helping with this problem. Other nations have the ships and the wherewithal to help, they have offered to do so, but have been shut out. Bush suspended that foolish law when Katrina hit. Obama doesn’t even mention it.

Or how about the long delay getting the barrier walls set up in Louisiana? Gov. Jindal finally took care of that. Where was the president? Playing golf?

So, as you might have discerned, I’m not all that impressed with the president’s plan. I have a better one.

That would be a dream come true.