The Potential for Armageddon?

So the U.N. has imposed new sanctions on Iran. Anyone else feel a yawn coming on? Can’t you see Iran trembling over this world outrage? No? Neither can I. The so-called sanctions are worse than useless: semi-tough talk with no follow-through.

An apt depiction of what sanctions will accomplish. Yet every time the “world” does this, we’re told that it’s really going to make a difference. Does anyone with any sense of reality believe this?

Iran is so frightened it has just announced it is sending a flotilla to Gaza to break the Israeli blockade. Without trying to sound alarmist, we have here a potential warmaking situation. If Israel boards those ships, Iran may declare war. Now, they may not, simply because they might instead decide to bask in the glow of the “world’s” outrage directed once again toward Israel.

There is a sense of unreality to the whole situation. Somehow, in many people’s minds, the nation that is desperately trying to remain a nation while surrounded by hate-driven enemies is pilloried while another nation that says it wants to wipe the first nation off the face of the earth is treated as legitimate. This is also the nation [Iran, in case you’re confused at this point] that recently held an election that all serious observers know was stolen by its fearless leader.

Conservatives always make comparisons with Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler during the 1930s. I don’t think the comparison is all that bad, except for this: the potential consequences now are much greater as Iran steadily moves forward in its quest to develop its own nuclear weapons. Hitler may have had such dreams, but his dreams never came this close to reality.

Are we approaching a Biblical Armageddon? Too many people in the past have declared it to be imminent, so I’m going to be more cautious. This situation, however, is potentially worse than anything the Middle East has faced in the past—and whatever transpires in the Middle East will affect us directly.

I’m not just spouting some pious phrase when I say it is time to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.