Who Would Have Believed?

We are now seventeen months into the Obama presidency. Unfortunately, I have to say it’s gone pretty much the way I anticipated. Of course, I never could have guessed some things, and I’m not making a case for my ability to see years into the future. For instance, a decade ago, who would have believed a lot that has transpired?

However, it wasn’t really that difficult to predict what would happen after Obama’s election. I knew from the start that he wasn’t some new type of politician who would bring genuine hope and change. He was tutored, after all, in the Chicago school of politics, so there’s no surprise that he has used that approach when dealing with other politicians and trying to gain the upper hand. The latest round of primaries makes that clear.

You just have to know what it takes to get a politician to do your bidding. Now that Obama’s approval ratings have plummeted [again, something that could be predicted], he has a new weapon.

With the midterm congressional elections looming, a new concept of hope and change is in the air.

And our incredible shrinking president is finding himself in unfamiliar territory and in company he would rather not keep.

He has big shoes to fill. I’m not really shocked that he can’t fill them.