Further Thoughts

I’d like to add a few thoughts on some of the topics I’ve covered this week. On the whole Israel-Palestinian conflict, I believe it’s vital not to lose track of history. Hamas is a terrorist organization, devoted to the destruction of all Jews and to wiping the nation of Israel off the map. Israel, meanwhile, has always allowed Arabs to live within its borders. Some are representatives in the Israeli Knesset. Does anyone seriously believe that Hamas or any other Islamic group would offer the same privilege to Jews?

Throughout the history of this conflict, various peace plans have been offered, but always rejected by Israel’s enemies. The have their own peace plan.

Meanwhile, on the oil spill, President Obama visited the region again yesterday. As far as I can tell, nothing substantive occurred. This is the man who promised that under his administration, there would be no more Katrinas. Words flow easily from some people, but as for competence . . .

One item I haven’t mentioned yet is the furor surrounding the administration offering jobs to potential candidates for Democratic Senate seats if they will not run against incumbents. It began with Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania, who said he was offered a job not to run against Arlen Specter. He refused, ran, and won the primary.

On the heels of that controversy is another offer that came to light, as Andrew Romanoff, former Colorado Speaker of the House, was told he might have a job in the adminstration waiting for him if he wouldn’t challenge the current senator, Michael Bennet. As with Sestak, Romanoff said no.

Debate centers on whether this is an actual violation of the law. It’s one of those things that will be hard to pin on anyone because they can always say the job wasn’t absolutely “promised.” Well, we know how that works. It’s a style of politics in which president is well versed.

It’s not that this style has never appeared in the Oval Office before. It’s just that it’s so blatant. Even more remarkable, it’s been bungled so badly that incompetence is a word that could apply. That might be a ray of hope: if the administration can’t even handle its graft efficiently, perhaps it won’t be able to fool the people again in 2010 or 2012.