Immigration, Terror, & the Coming Elections

The primary reason for civil government is to protect the people of a nation. That’s one reason why the illegal immigration issue is so important. Yet what is our president doing about it?

It’s almost as if he wears blinders. Well, he does actually—they’re the result of his ideology.

There’s also the threat from Iran, which, during the campaign, candidate Obama called a “tiny” nation that we shouldn’t worry about. Isn’t it time he started worrying? If he does, he may have to reverse some of his actions.

Closer to home, we were fortunate that Faisal Shahzad didn’t know what he was doing when he tried to take out Times Square.

That’s not what I would call a “policy.” Of course the adminstration would argue that’s not its approach—it just appears to be. They are on the alert to find the real terrorists.

Yes, those homegrown Tea Partiers are a menace to a government that is as detrimental to the republic as the BP oil spill is to the coastline.

The November elections certainly will be crucial. Obama will have to work his magic once again.

I’m just praying he will be as effective as he has been in the latest round. God save the republic.