As Arizona Goes . . . ?

The Arizona illegal immigration bill remains a top story of interest throughout the nation. Polls are showing that a clear majority of Americans support what Arizona has done. Within the state itself, more than 70% of Arizonans continue to back the bill. Gov. Jan Brewer’s approval rating has skyrocketed.

Yet in the mainstream media, and in the halls of political power in Washington, Arizona is a pariah. President Obama played host to Mexican president Calderon last week. They had a lot of fun beating up on the state.

More voters for the party in power certainly is a priority for the president.

Then when President Calderon was given a forum to speak before Congress, he criticized Arizona for its actions.

There’s nothing like rank hypocrisy to open the floodgates of derision. Democrats, however, didn’t recognize the hypocrisy; instead, they gave him a standing ovation. In the history of America, this has to go down as one of the absolute low points for Congress. Perhaps it isn’t quite as low as the Gag Rule instituted back in the 1830s-1840s to stop any discussion of slavery, but it has to make the list.

I’ve commented before how administration officials haven’t even read the law. This points out another discrepancy in Democratic rhetoric.

Another example of rank hypocrisy.

The movement to boycott Arizona could hurt the very immigrants the critics want to support. If jobs suffer, who’s going to get hit first? Here’s an interesting angle on the boycott I hadn’t thought about:

This law actually may lead to illegals rethinking their desire to sneak into Arizona.

Maybe it’s time for this approach to be tried in the other states as well.