A National Disgrace

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, has pretty much made a mockery of that office. I don’t say that lightly.

He’s the one who keeps pushing for terrorists to have civil trials, who claims that America is a nation of cowards that is unwilling to engage in a meaningful dialogue on race [wait a minute, didn’t that nation of cowards elect a black man to the presidency?], and who can’t bring himself, while testifying to a congressional committee, to say that radical Islam is a threat to the country.

A few days ago, he made a curious admission: even though he had been criticizing the Arizona illegal immigration law, he acknowledged he had never actually read the law. Cartoonists are having a good time with this one:

Where have we heard this kind of thing recently? How about the healthcare bill? Congress voted for that ill-advised legislation without reading it. Must be an epidemic. Is it too much to ask that government officials read the legislation upon which they either vote or comment?

The position of attorney general is that of the chief law enforcement agent in the federal government. Holder is disgracing himself and his nation by both his words and his actions.