Greece and America: See Any Similarities?

I haven’t said anything about Greece yet, so I guess it’s about time. In case you haven’t been following this, Greece is now a basket-case financially. How did it get that way? Its socialist policies have bankrupted it. Did you know the retirement age in Greece is about 53? Sounds good, some might say. No, we were made to be productive far beyond that age. All it did was create a massive entitlement that the government no longer can afford. You might call it an economic monstrosity.

Pretty scary, huh? Want to see something even scarier? When the Greek government introduced “austerity” measures, this was the response from the populace.

I thought I’d give you the montage so you could get the full effect. Seems like some people don’t like to have their goodies taken away. Of course, that’s only natural. It’s also socialism, where the government provides for everyone. Dependency doesn’t take long to become entrenched.

Now all the European nations are saying they have to stop this financial bleeding—Greece is too big to fail. Where have we heard that before? So they are throwing money at the problem—the classic liberal/progressive/socialist solution.

There actually should be another label on one of those ships; it should read “United States.” Yes, we’re helping, too, to the tune of $8 billion. So let me get this straight: Greece’s socialist policies caused this problem; everyone throws money at the problem, which hurts everyone else’s economy by adding more spending; we lurch toward socialism so that someday we might be like Greece too. Doesn’t sound particularly intelligent.

That’s us in the not-too-distant future if we continue along the Obama path. This is serious, so it’s time we started acting like responsible adults and do something about it.

November is coming.