Tinsley Time

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I sometimes like to highlight the Mallard Fillmore cartoon drawn and geniused [is that  real word? it is now] by Bruce Tinsley. He has a flair for seeing what’s really happening. He’s also not very politically correct.

He draws an Obama that looks more like the real thing than many other cartoonists’ conceptions. He also has the pulse of the president.

That has been Plan B for everything—sometimes Plan A.

He periodically lampoons journalism schools, and for good reason.

The mood of the country right now? He’s on target with that as well.

Very few candidates want to be called liberals today. They prefer the term progressive, which has such a positive connotation. It’s easier to fool the voters that way.

Thanks again, Mr. Tinsley, for continuing to enlighten.