The Obama Worldview & Arizona

If you are a regular reader of my musings, you know I have a foundational disagreement with President Obama with respect to his worldview and the policies that emanate from it. His vision of the world, America’s place in it, and the legitimate uses of government are diametrically opposed to mine.

The Obama worldview sees America as no different than other nations (except perhaps a bit worse than most), he seems to think we should become more like other countries and less like what we have always been, and he is more than ready to use all the branches of government to re-create America in his image.

That’s why his sense of what’s important is skewed. The Iranian threat? Keep talking and let them know we might someday, if we ever get serious, possibly (but not definitively) do “something” about it. He sort of tiptoes around that issue. Then Arizona decides to enforce the law that the federal government doesn’t enforce and the gloves come off. I think Obama has said more about the illegal immigration law in Arizona than he has about Iran.

The distortions being spread about this law are brazen. Yet I think the agitators are simply following the age-old advice: if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start believing it’s the truth.

Take the issue of having to show some ID if you are doing something that looks suspicious. First of all, visitors to another country always need to have some ID ready to show. All countries expect this. All, of course, except ours, it appears. Even citizens have to show ID at times.

When I do the grocery shopping [which I enjoy, by the way], at the checkout counter, I have to hand my credit card to the cashier for her to check. Sometimes, in other stores, I also have to show a driver’s license to prove I am who I say I am.

Sounds like a real Nazi state, doesn’t it?

Obama’s sense of priorities is off. He needs to concentrate on the real threats.

Meanwhile, I plan to join the Arizona buycott.