Prayer for the Nation

Yesterday was a national day of prayer. I must admit I was too encumbered by finals week at the university to participate in any public observance. The nice thing, though, is that you don’t have to be with a group of people to pray. Franklin Graham, although barred from being part of the Pentagon event, prayed regardless.

God hears anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

I would like to put my prayer on this blog today. It goes like this:

Lord, we don’t really deserve anything good from Your hand. As a nation, we have put our trust in ourselves rather than You. The leadership of this nation exhibits an arrogance that shuts You out, it’s true. Yet it’s not just the leaders who have closed their hearts—far too many of our fellow citizens either disdain faith in You or  hold merely to the externals of religious belief.

We need repentance, both as individuals and as a collective. It’s no mystery how that occurs; we simply need to humble ourselves before You, acknowledge Your Lordship, and ask for Your mercy. We demand nothing. We just need to know You and Your ways.

Save us individually and as a people. Spare even those who refuse to bow the knee, in hope that someday they may stop being so willfully blind and deaf. Teach us Your truths—Your principles—and show us how they apply to all of life. We ask that Your ways will infiltrate the culture and the government.

Lord, I don’t believe that it is too late. You remain the God of miracles. What You want is a people who retain their faith in You and Your wonder-working love.

May we see that. May we experience it. Restore us, please.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who loved us and gave Himself for us. May He rule in our hearts.