The Hottest Stories

The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the 90% approval ratings for Congress and the Chicago Cubs’ latest winning streak.

No, wait, I got that wrong. Sorry for the confusion. Let me try again.

The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the Arizona illegal immigration bill and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

On that first topic, which I’ve already commented on twice before, I personally find it rather amusing that San Francisco has taken leadership of the presumed boycott of Arizona. Now there’s a real threat.

And while I don’t wish to add fuel to the fire for those who are up in arms about supposed civil rights violations, I do believe it’s time to get things into perspective.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t get exercised over law enforcement officers wanting to see some ID if there is a legitimate suspicion of illegal activity of any stripe. Comparisons to Nazi Germany are ludicrous. Arizonans support this bill because things are spinning out of control in their state. What about their civil rights?

Incidentally, the mass protests on May 1 were on the same day that historically has been celebrated as communism’s high unholy day. May Day is a communist observance. If you look closely, you will see some extremely leftist organizations taking charge of these protests. There is a lot of radical Left money behind this.

By the way, one of these protest marches turned violent. In Santa Cruz, California, the crowd started breaking windows in businesses and spray painting them. A coffee shop entrance was set on fire, which fortunately was extinguished by the fire department. Between $50,000 and $100,000 worth of damages was reported.

Now, tell me again how violent those Tea Parties are.

Meanwhile, the BP oil disaster in the Gulf may have some unintended consequences. Some effects can be seen in the threat to nature and to the fishing and shrimping industries, but there are zealots who would like to use this disaster for their “green” purposes. They will want Congress to act. The problem of course—and as usual—is what Congress may decide to do.

We have our own man-made disaster in Washington, DC, courtesy of the 53% who put these people in charge.

I wish those words weren’t so close to the truth.