Crist's Core Belief

Living in Florida gives one some firsthand experience with political drama. It’s now official that Governor Charlie Crist is going to leave the Republican Party and run for the  U.S. Senate as an independent.

Crist was so far behind Marco Rubio that he had no hope of overtaking him in the Republican primary, so he opted for the independent run.

In doing so, Crist has made himself a pariah within his old party. No one who values the Republican identity wants anything to do with him now. It will be interesting to see how he is going to build a team for his run. He is quite likely commiting political suicide.

If one were to ask just what Crist stands for, the best one can discern is that he wants to be a middle way between what he would call the extremes of the Republicans and Democrats. But what does this middle way really signify? What are Charlie Crist’s core beliefs? One might be forgiven for believing he is hollow at the core.

In Crist’s one and only direct confrontation with Rubio, which occured on the Fox News Sunday program about a month ago, the moderator, Chris Wallace, continually asked Crist if he would remain a Republican. Crist looked uncomfortable with the question and danced around it, using language that indicated he was running as a Republican, but he didn’t come across to me as one speaking with conviction on that point.

Now we know he was dissembling [you can look up that word if you wish, but it comes down pretty close to “lying”].

The predominant opinion in conservative political circles is that Gov. Crist is a man with no solid philosophical basis for his views of government. Instead, he is a pure pragmatist, twisting in the wind and following where it blows. And it always seems to blow in the direction that allows Crist to maintain public office no matter the cost.

I think I’ve discovered what Charlie Crist believes in. He is primarily looking out for himself. He is not someone I can support because his reason for being is simply to promote Charlie Crist.

May this move backfire in a big way.