Thanks, Trust, & Fiscal Responsibility

President Obama, in response to the Tea Parties last week, told a group of donors that the people shouldn’t be protesting at all. In fact, they should be thanking him. Now, the context of that comment was that he had actually lowered taxes—a rather ludicrous statement given what the future holds with the massive deficits and the healthcare boondoggle.

If you happened to see him making that comment, you couldn’t miss the derision behind it: his disdain for the Tea Parties oozed visibly. Of course, if he continues making statements such as these while maintaining his current policies, he may get a flood of thank you cards. He may not appreciate the source, though.

How can I best illustrate what he’s asking the American people to believe?

That might express it pretty well.

The volcano explosion in Iceland recently provides the backdrop for another bit of commentary.

What does this mean for the average American taxpayer?

Not to fear, however; help is on the way. The president has appointed a special task force to address fiscal responsibility. Its report and recommendations will be due . . . after the November elections. What a surprise.