The Debt Legacy

The Founders of America were always talking about posterity. They wanted to be certain that they created a government and a society that would bequeath liberty and virtue to their children and their children’s children to untold generations.

I still hear talk of doing things “for the children.” Bill Clinton was a master of using the children to promote his policies. But if the policies we follow are going to bind future generations to a massive debt, it becomes obvious some politicians are making “the children” props for their schemes.

I encourage you to go to the following site for a does of reality——and see just what we are placing on our children. As of the moment I am writing this blog post, the United States is $12,672,000,000,000+ in debt. That works out to $41,016 per person, $115,491 per taxpayer. The largest budget item is Medicare/Medicaid, coming in at more than $765 billion; the interest—just the interest—on the national debt is fast approaching $200 billion.

Kids, this is your legacy.


Speaking of congratulations, did you read about one individual who is absolutely thrilled by passage of the healthcare bill?

When Fidel Castro is on your side, you’ve already lost. You would think that would make some Democratic politicians pause. I predict, though, that they will not stop their march into madness.

Ah, yes, a way to get more votes. That’s all that counts, right?