Oscar: Ask Me If I Care

I’m a great movie fan. My undergraduate degree was in radio, TV, and film production. I love a well-scripted, poignantly acted story. They are certainly in the minority, but I appreciate them whenever they appear. That’s why I liked Blind Side, which is up for Best Movie this time around. Sandra Bullock was superb in her depiction of the Christian mom who invited a lost soul into the family. The actor who played that part was excellent also.

Do I expect it to win? Not really.

 The only other one nominated for Best Movie that I saw was Up. It deserves recognition as well—clever, truly humorous, and touching as one contemplates getting older and losing loved ones.

What’s going to win instead? A retread theme of anti-capitalism, anti-Americanism, and anti-military. Is Avatar “pro” anything? Of course—radical environmentalism, etc., etc., etc. [fill in the blank with the typical leftward cause]. It’s becoming too predictable.

I won’t be watching the Oscar telecast this year. I don’t need another bath in leftist self-congratulations. Let me know how it turns out.