Second Thoughts, Anyone?

Life in the Obama universe hasn’t quite been what his admirers expected. We’re now more than one year into the “New Era” and the millennium hasn’t arrived. What to do? Well, how about reconnecting with reality?

What is the new reality we must now face?

That’s part of it. There’s also an attempt to force people into accepting something they don’t really want.

Looks pretty scary, but you know what’s even scarier?

If we can believe the polls, the president is in trouble. Now I know polls are fluid and people are flighty, but there’s a definite trend. Obama’s approval rating is below 50% in all the states he won in 2008 that had voted for Bush in 2004. That hardly inspires confidence in his political future. A lot of voters seem to be having second thoughts.

As I said, polls can be unreliable, but remorse may be setting in.

That’s the kind of explanation parents have given to their children for their foolish behavior in the 1960s when they experimented with drugs and “free” sex—an appropriate analogy for foolish behavior at the polls in 2008.