Accomplishments of the Summit

Carol Platt Liebau at hits the target with this observation from the recently concluded Healthcare Summit:

The President did plenty to diminish himself.  First, there was his lack of grace– announcing,”I’m the President!,” his testy reminder to John McCain about who won the election (reminiscent of his “I won” triumphalism immediately after inauguration), most notably — and his penchant for scolding everyone was on display.  Can anyone even imagine the really great presidents behaving this way?  Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, or FDR (or even JFK or George HW Bush or George W Bush) hectoring, lecturing and condescending so brazenly?

Having studied Ronald Reagan intently now for a number of years (I’m in the process of writing a book that may be finished before I turn 90), I can say for certain that Reagan would never have conducted himself the way this president does. Reagan’s hallmark was humility and concern for the nation. Obama’s most distinguishing feature is his arrogance and self-focus.

This summit, if we are to believe the polls, did virtually nothing for the Democrats. Every poll I’ve seen shows the public solidly opposed to passing Obamacare. Yet that doesn’t seem to phase either our president or his congressional allies. They seem determined to force the issue.

Notice the length of the bill. Just what is it they are trying to ram through?

The goal of the summit, of course, was to paint the Republicans as obstructionists. Well, sometimes there are things that ought to be obstructed.

The Republicans’ lack of cooperation with the Democrats’ plans is something for which we should be grateful. If Ronald Reagan could have been here to witness their strong stand, what would he have said?

So what was actually accomplished with this summit?

Quick, he needs some healthcare!