Political Summitry

Well, it’s over. That highly anticipated summit on healthcare has gained its audience. It has achieved a notoriety that places it somewhere between Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech and Bill Clinton’s . . .  well, Bill Clinton’s anything.

I was able to avoid it entirely until I came home last evening and was caught unawares by President Obama’s closing remarks, which, remarkably, were all that anyone needed to hear the entire day. Why? Because he made it abundantly clear in those closing moments that unless the Republicans could agree with the Democratic approach—and soon—the Democrats were going to be forced to act by themselves.

I pity all those people who watched the daylong ordeal. All they had to do was tune in for those comments. The president clearly accomplished what he wanted, which was cover for himself and his party as they proceed to alter Senate rules and ram this thing through.

Now, it wasn’t all gloom, according to the analyses I heard. Republicans did make it clear they had an alternative. Hopefully, they scored some points with the public as they pushed for free-market solutions. Some of the excerpts I’ve seen show the Schoolmaster-in-Chief  more than a little perturbed at times. He still doesn’t know how to take criticism. He continues to believe he knows more than those little annoying people who try to mess up his plans.

Will his plans be messed up? The next few weeks will be critical.