Cynical or Realistic?

I really don’t want to be cynical. I want government to work. I want to believe that when our president says he plans to cut spending, he means it. I also want to believe that he sincerely seeks solutions for healthcare from his political oppponents.

Well, I don’t classify myself as a cynic. I’m more of a student of human nature via my Biblical worldview. That tells me I need to be realistic, not gullible. Jesus even told His followers to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. I don’t seek harm for anyone, but I want to be wise as I survey the political landscape.

Wisdom, at this point, says not to believe the claims from the White House with respect to the desire to cut spending. The “freeze” announced recently didn’t apply to most of the federal budget, only to certain specified areas. But how many Americans know that?

No one who is serious about reining in government spending triples the deficit in one year. No one who is serious about reining in government spending considers placing Andy Stern, leader of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), on a commission to deal with the deficit. Stern’s union is one of the chief culprits in this tragi-comedy.

Let’s face it—Obama is addicted to spending because it’s part and parcel of his political philosophy. Consequently, his calls for restraint ring rather hollow.

He’s come a little late to the scene of the disaster.

In fact, President Obama has been so good at what he does—spend other people’s money—he probably deserves an honored place with other presidents.

Then there’s the attempt to revive a healthcare plan that the country already rejected. That doesn’t stop the president or his allies in Congress, where they are contemplating an end run around the rules to make it happen. Just when we thought we had dodged this bullet, we’re being ambushed by a “revised” plan that costs even more.

Yet today is the big day for the Healthcare Summit to which he’s invited Republicans. After he’s already released his new plan? Isn’t that somewhat backward?

I don’t think I’m being cynical in calling this a sham. I think I’m being realistic.