A New Endangered Species: MSNBC

A decade ago, I used to watch MSNBC. I didn’t have much choice. Our cable company at the time didn’t offer Fox News, so if I wanted a news channel, I had to choose between CNN and MSNBC. What’s really interesting is that in the waning years of the 20th century, MSNBC was more balanced in its coverage than CNN. Well, CNN hasn’t changed—it’s still a liberal bastion—but MSNBC has made a calculated move to out-Left even CNN.

"Hardball" with Chris Matthews: A Ratings Flop

The primetime lineup has no balance at all. Hosts range from Leftist Chris Matthews to ultra-Leftist Keith Olbermann. The variety is invigorating.

Olbermann: How Left Can a Person Go?

Meanwhile, ratings for the network have plummeted. MSNBC is consistently in last place, with Fox sometimes quadrupling the MSNBC audience. Yet apparently this has not led to any new ideas in the heads of the executives who are running this empire into the ground. They seem to like being captains on a sinking ship.

Recently, one of my favorite cartoonists, Bruce Tinsley, captured the true spirit of MSNBC with these gems:

I love it.