There Must Be a Statute of Limitations on This

It’s been suggested by some that President Obama really doesn’t need his teleprompter. Since all his messages have a similar theme, he can get by with much less.

That will certainly make it easier for him, and allow him to speak more spontaneously. Perhaps even the “uh” factor will be reduced.

Kidding aside, it is a fact that Obama continues to point to the Bush years as the reason for anything that is going wrong today. Too much spending? Why, that’s because of Bush, not us.

I am in complete agreement with the proposition that President Bush and the Republican Congress under him spent too much. They lost their way as they departed from basic principles. But the Republicans lost Congress in 2006, and Barack Obama has been president now for more than a year. Hasn’t the statute of limitations run out on this excuse? Will anyone in the mainstream media speak up and say “enough is enough”?

That may not be as much of an exaggeration as you think. Listen carefully and you may hear echoes of that theme in the coming months. When you don’t have the facts on your side, the easiest thing to do is to accuse critics of racism. I’m hopeful, though, that the majority are becoming more alert to this tactic, rendering it useless. We’ll see.