A Unique Combination of False Science & False Faith

I’m not a scientist, so I’ve had to rely on the best analyses I can find on the issue of global warming/climate change. I freely admit that I was predisposed not to accept it simply because of the messengers themselves, chief of whom has been Al Gore. That by itself, though, cannot be determinative of its accuracy.

The last few weeks have given even more credence to my skepticism. First, there was the manipulated data; after that, the raw data for the theory was discovered to be missing. More recently, it was revealed that some of the theory rested not on peer-reviewed studies but the work of students. Of course, even peer-reviewed studies can be suspect if there is an agenda in place to “prove” that global warming was a serious threat.

Now one of the chief scientific proponents in Britain acknowledges that there hasn’t been any demonstrable warming since 1995.

Have you also noticed that this winter has seen its share of record snowfall and record low temperatures?

How much does it take to call a theory into question? Is it too late to stop all the spending on something that doesn’t really exist?

Some people are so invested in the idea that they have a difficult time facing reality. They concoct rather fascinating explanations for the lack of evidence.

We’ll know the global warming hysteria has finally died down when we stop indoctrinating our children with it.

Maybe they would even get to learn the basics once again . . . like math, reading, etc.

The worldview of the chief proponents of global warming was always disturbing to me from the start—it was based more on a New Age philosophy and paganistic Mother Earth religion than a realistic Christian perception of the times. Taken together—the suspect science and the antichristian nature of the “faith”—I have little reason to warm up to this theory.