Let's Be Eclectic Today

I don’t have one main theme today, but I do have a lot of good cartoons. What could be better?

Let’s start with our new friend in South America, President Hugo Chavez. Did you hear what he said about our help in Haiti?

He could teach at almost any of our universities and feel right at home—although he might have to radicalize a little more to keep up with his colleagues. As a news commentator, he would be able to replace Keith Olbermann. The only problem is that the audience might not notice.

Then there’s our other friend in the Middle East. Iran has declared itself a nuclear state.

Welcome to the club! After all, we don’t have to worry about such a small country, do we? They’ll listen to us and take our concerns seriously.

And there’s one thing both Venezuela and Iran can agree on . . .

That hand note thing was made popular, of course, by Sarah Palin. According to some people, that’s supposed to show how “dumb” she is. Now, I’ve never written a note on my hand, but I’ve always had notes with me as reminders of what I want to say. In fact, President Obama could have used one last week when he bungled the pronunciation of a word that a president ought to know.

I don’t remember commentators talking about how “dumb” he was. You see, only Republicans are stupid. If you don’t believe so, just ask any mainstream media person. It really was kind of embarrassing. We have to hope it won’t show up in a different context sometime.

Meanwhile, the president also commented that he’s now agnostic about taxes on people making less than $250,000. Interesting choice of words, as if it’s a theological issue. It is a trend, though, with respect to his former promises.

As one commentator has expressed it, “Obama’s promises come with expiration dates—all of them!”