The Pollable Public: What Does It Mean?

How the high and mighty can fall.

Latest polls—not just one, but many—indicate that President Obama has become something less than the political messiah people expected. He’s getting close to George W. Bush numbers.

What do these polls mean exactly? Are they an indication that the public has awakened to what he really is? Or are they just a passing trend, one that will reverse itself in the future?

I wish I had more confidence in polls. I wish they were able to chart the public’s awareness of principle. More often than not, they are the result of a mood swing rather than a deep rethinking. If the economy improves tomorrow, what will the polls show? Will Obama once again be idolized?

He definitely is in trouble at the moment. That’s the only reason he is pushing for a bipartisan summit on healthcare. Republicans, though, need to wary of that. As I noted in an earlier blog, he will try to use it against them—a “bipartisan” summit set up for partisan purposes.

Watch where you step! An open door may not be what it seems.

Meanwhile, the media is puzzled by the new polls. Some commentators are pretty distraught. How can this be happening, they ask?

That must be the explanation.

Will the freefall in the polls continue? If Obama continues to be pushy for his way of doing things, adding to the debt and breaking his promises [remember the one about no one making under $250,000 being taxed? Well, he’s now “agnostic” about that one], the disillusionment will spread. But that’s what ideologues do—and despite his protests to the contrary, he is nothing if not an ideologue.