Snow Blessings

I’m in Florida now, and don’t really have to worry about the snowstorms that sweep across most of the country [although this is the coldest winter I’ve experienced here]. Having lived in Indiana and Virginia most of my life, I can empathize with those who are going through a second major snowstorm within a week.

I remember one winter in Indiana—in 1994—when the thermometer hit -30 for an entire week. That’s when you begin to understand the real meaning of “frigid.” And I can attest, from my many years in Virginia, that everything comes to a halt there when the first snowflake is spotted.

There are some definite blessings, though, that come from a heavy helping of snow being dumped on Washington, D.C. The most obvious one is that Congress stops doing its business.

If Congress can’t meet, it can do no more damage for a couple of days. I’m reminded of the old saying, “Congress has adjourned, the republic is safe.”

Another blessing might be the possibility that we are seeing an example of God’s sense of humor.

Yes, I know that somehow, in some way, according to the “experts,” global warming is causing this severe winter. Are those the same experts who have had to acknowledge the manipulation of climate change data? Are they the same ones who “lost” the raw data on which all their calculations are based?

Forgive me if I’m not convinced.