War? What War?

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear that the federal trial of some of the terrorists is going to occur in New York City after all. It’s even uncertain that it will happen anywhere in the United States. The administration may have to back down and revert to military tribunals—where these trials belonged in the first place. If that does happen, it will be a tremendous loss of face for the people who promoted the idea.

Treating terrorists like American citizens, with all the rights and privileges of American citizens, was both foolish and unconstitutional—not to mention slightly ludicrous. Are American soldiers in the midst of battle really going to be reading combatants their Miranda rights?

I’ve noted previously that the Obama administration barely even acknowledges a war on terrorism. This view starts at the top, but can also be found in Attorney General Eric Holder.

Kind of pitiful, isn’t it?

Obama and Company also find it difficult to name the source of the terrorism. One gets the impression they would be delighted to find groups other than the Islamic variety to blame for these attacks.

We need to speak boldly and forcefully with respect to terrorism, clearly identifying the culprits. There’s really no avoiding the truth: they are overwhelmingly Muslim and they want to destroy this nation. We have to keep making this point for as long as necessary—at least three more years.