Speaking of Change

Every so often I like to let political cartoons carry most of the commentary. That’s what I feel like doing today. Forgive me if I go a little overboard, but there are a lot of them to share in the wake of the Massachusetts Senate race. We could start with this one, which conveys a new political reality:

A couple of different cartoonists were thinking along the same lines:

For those who don’t understand the image, it draws on the infamous incident in which Ted Kennedy drove his car into a pond, then left the scene while his companion, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned. Apparently, these cartoonists saw a parallel here, particularly considering this race was to fill Kennedy’s seat.

Obamacare, of course, is the main casualty, as even Speaker Pelosi had to admit yesterday. But that doesn’t mean Pelosi and Reid won’t try to revive it in some form, no matter how ugly.

But I think for all practical purposes, the message is very clear. Think they’ll get it?

The other major casualty is the president himself. This is the third time he’s gone to a state to campaign for someone. His record is consistent: they’ve all lost. It’s almost as if his endorsement is the kiss of death.

And as Senator Brown moves into his office, he should take heart:

Now that hurts.