Miracle in Massachusetts?

I haven’t said anything yet about the race in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, but it has become the talk of the political world.

Scott Brown, the Republican, was supposed to be the sacrificial lamb this year. Martha Coakley, the Democrat, was intended to waltz into the Senate because . . . well, because she is a Democrat, this is Massachusetts [which practically has a sign on the state border proclaiming “Only Democrats May Enter”], and it’s [begin drumroll] “Ted Kennedy’s Seat.”

Well, someone forgot to inform Brown. As he commented in their one and only debate last week: this is not the Kennedy seat, it’s the people’s seat. In other words, end the entitlement program.

Jonah Goldberg has written the best piece on this yet, I believe, so I’m going to let him carry the ball for this one today. Just click on this link and enjoy his analysis. He’s right on.

As Goldberg says at the end of the article, Brown may not win, but regardless, it should put Democrats on notice for the upcoming congressional elections. If Brown actually does win, the political landscape may be turned upside down.