As a followup to yesterday’s post, I thought this cartoon was particularly effective in showcasing the attitude coming out of the Congressional Democrat leadership. I noted yesterday that as a candidate, Obama had pledged openness in the healthcare debate, saying specifically that he would invite C-SPAN to broadcast the deliberations. It turns out he didn’t say that just once—but eight times!

Madame Speaker

When Nancy Pelosi was informed that he had promised it so often, she had an interesting response:

There were a number of things he was for on the campaign trail.

Forgive me for thinking that this relationship may not be as warm and cozy as the spin doctors would like us to believe.

This reversal on transparency/openness should be the kind of thing that shames politicians into doing the right thing. Instead, the Democrat leadership has stiffarmed those who are reminding them of their promises. I keep hoping this will have some ramifications electorally. We’ll see.